Affiliates Program 9
Questions and details about our Affiliate Program
Backup/Restore 4
Tutorial on how to take a backup, Restore backup.
CloudFlare 21
CloudFlare CDN information and questions - available in all our cPanel shared hosting servers
Cloudlinux OS 7
Cloudlinux OS information and questions - installed in all our cPanel shared hosting servers
Company Policies 11
All our policies are listed here
cPanel - Control Panel 24
How to reset cPanel Password, Filemanager, Cronjobs, Style, etc
cPanel hosting 65
Questions related to cPanel based hosting services
Databases 11
About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database or Database Username in cPanel
DNS - Nameserver 6
Update Domain Nameserver on, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar
Domain Management 10
How to Remove, Add, Edit Addon Domain, Parked Domains & Redirect Domain
Domain Names 51
Questions about domain names
Email 67
Questions related to e-mails
Email 11
How to create email, Access Email, How to Forward Email, etc
Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools by Attracta 7
Questions and details about the Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools powered by Attracta, available in all our shared cPanel hosting accounts.
How to Create, Delete, Manage cPanel FTP Account
FTP Help and Tutorials 27
Questions and instructions related to the File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Installing a Control Panel 6
Learn how to Install a hosting control panel like cPanel, Plesk, etc.
Mail Filters & SPAM 8
Boxtrap, SpamAssassin, Mail Filter - Prevent Spam.
Mobile 11
Tutorial for setting up email on iOS Apple/Android, etc
NodeJS 3
NodeJS information and support
Others 3
How to Fix Errors, Create Friendly URL, Page Redirect, etc
Payment, invoices and administrative questions 25
Questions related to billing, invoices, payments, sales and client area management
Security 10
Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection, etc
Servers Backup 5
Question and details about our servers backup policy
SiteLock Protection 34
SiteLock Protects Your Business
SiteWorx (Control Panel) 60
Tutorials on SiteWorx Control Panel, SiteWorx Softaculous, etc.
Softaculous 79
Tutorials for Softaculous Auto-Installer Software (cPanel)
SolusVM 19
SolusVM tutorial on how to manage SolusVM, install/re-install an OS, VNC, etc.
Tutorials on generating CSR, cPanel AutoSSL, SSL/TLS, etc.
SSL Certificates 19
Questions related to SSL certificates
Technical and scripting information 35
Questions about scripting languages like PHP, CGI, MySQL, etc. and other technical questions.
WebHostManager (WHM) 29
Questions and tutorials about cPanel's WHM admin panel
Wordpress 17
Tutorials for Wordpress

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