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"Redemption Period" or ("RGP") is a 30-day timeframe after a registrar has deleted an expired domain such as .com, .net domains.

"Pending Delete" as it applies to .com and .net domains refers to the 5-day timeframe after Redemption during which time VeriSign holds the domain and it cannot be recovered.

"Pending Delete - Restorable" as it applies to .org domains is the 30-day timeframe after the registrar (PIR) has deleted an expired .org domain. The status will change to just Pending Delete when in last 5 days before actual deletion.

To check a status of a domain go to the registry website: (VeriSign Global Registry) for .com and .net (Public Interest Registry) for .org domains for the .biz domains

Enter the domain in the WHOIS will tell you the status of the domain (i.e., Redemption Period). The "updated date" is usually when the the 30 day redemption or pending delete period began.

In General

* After a domain expires, most registrars have a grace period during which time you can reactivate your domain. The grace period vary depending the tld.
* After the grace period, the domain may be deleted from the registrar database.
* Once deleted, the domain is held for 30 days by the Registry. Once the domain is dropped it becomes available for anyone to purchase just like a new name.

Our Registrar Grace Period Procedures

* When a domain expires through us, it will remain available for reactivation at your regular domain rate.
* Currently, we offers a non-guaranteed 29-day grace period for renewal. There is no guaranteed grace period. Once expired, we may dispose of it at any time according to the registration agreement.
* Once deleted, the domain will no longer be available for management in your account.
* You might consider adding multiple years to your domain to avoid unintentional expiration. Contact us if you are interested.

Our Registrar Redemption Period Process

* Once deleted from our registrar database, it falls into the 30-day holding status called Redemption Period at VeriSign and Pending Delete at
* Should you want to retrieve the domain during Redemption, there is a fee to you plus the cost of the renewal for all TLDs.
* Only the previous registrant has the right to request the domain back. All others must wait until the registry drops the domain.

If you wish to recover a domain in Redemption:

* Open a support ticket through your Client Area and let us know.
* There are no refunds on redemptions.
* There are two stages of Redemption. After your domains expire, Extended Redemption Grace Period (ERGP), or Redemption Grace Period (RGP). The fee to restore a domains from this status is $350 plus the regular domain registration fee. Prices may change at any time.

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