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If you have created a subscription to have your service paid every period automatically with your Credit Card through our payment processor ( you can update your billing and credit card information.

Please go to

There you have different options to search your subscription in the payment processor system. You can fill out your order number, the first 6 digits of the charged credit card and the last 2 digits of the charged credit card or your order number and your zip code.

The quick way is the order number and the zip code so simply fill out that information. Your can find your order number from the last payment receipt from us or from our payment processor or you can contact us and we will provide you the order number information.

update cc

- Once you have filled out that information, click in the "Search For Order" button. Then you will see a form to update your information.

update cc

- Update your details and the new Credit Card information in the form. Then click in the "Update Billing Information" button.

Thats it! From now the payment for this subscription will be posted to the new Credit Card.

If you have issues in the process please drop us a support ticket and we will be glad to assist you.

Note: As you know for security reasons we do not store nor handle credit card information in our system, instead when you click in the pay button (to pay with Credit Card) in our invoices you are redirected to the payment processor company to fill out the billing information in they secure and PCI compliant system. When you use the Recurring payment button in the invoice, you pay that invoice and at the same time you agree to create a subscription so on every period the payment processor charge your Credit Card and mark the generated invoice as paid.


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