Automated payment explained in detail

At PlusPlusHosting we do not store CC or payment information in our system/servers for security reasons.

Instead we use a PCI compliant 3rd party secured payment processor like 2CO (

The automated (recurring) payment for our services or products are managed exclusively by you.

You have the option to make "One Off" payment for a service, which means, once the system generate the invoice for your service you will login in your Client Area and manually pay that invoice. In the next period of your service the same thing will happen, the system will generate the invoice for the next period and it will expect you login and pay that invoice manually, and so on.

The other option you have is create an automated subscription to pay your service automatically on every period. Once the system generate the invoice for your service, you login in your Client Area, go to the invoice and you will see a "Recurring Payment" button. This button will redirect you to our payment processor and once you complete your payment details it will:

a) pay that specific invoice.

b) will create a subscription so recurrently pay that service on every coming period.

Since then you do not need to pay that service future invoices manually. On every same month, quarter, etc. (depending your service payment period), the system will generate your invoice and the payment processor will attempt to charge your payment source (CC, debit card, paypal, etc.) with the same subscription amount.

Once the charge is successful, the system will mark the invoice as "Paid".

If the payment fail, for any reason (no funds, etc.) the system will send you an email with an alert and instructions about how to update your payment information at the payment processor system.

When you create a subscription, you implicitly authorizes the payment processor to perform the automated collection on each period of said service. Any chargeback attempts will be considered as fraud with all the consequences that means.

To manage/update/cancel your payment information and/or subscriptions please access 2checkout myAccount at, please the first time create an account using the same email address you have used to signup in our Client Area.

2Checkout myAccount enable you to add new credit/debit cards to your account, as well as update and manage your payment information on demand.

Credit/debit card management functionality can be used only for active, ongoing subscriptions, or those that are in the grace period, i.e. past their renewal deadline, but not expired.

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