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In plusplus we use the subscriptions system for automated payments of services and domains. To clarify how it works and what is the responsibility and obligations of each party (provider and user) we have created this article with the details of the operation of the subscription for automatic payments.

When the customer pays an invoice generated for a service or domain, he/she has two options: make a "Single payment" of that invoice, which will be processed in the payment platform ( and once approved, the invoice will be marked as paid in our system. This will be done only once for that invoice.

The other option that the client has in the invoice is to use the "Recurring payment" button, which in addition to paying that invoice specifically, also creates a subscription in the payment platform so that in each period that invoice is generated with that specific services/products the payment processor attempt to charge the credit card that the client used when creating the subscription, and once the payment is processed mark the invoice as paid.

That is, if for example you register a domain on an annual basis and you create a subscription, the payment system will try to charge the card every year to renew the domain. The same if is a service (web hosting, dedicated server, etc.).

When creating a subscription, the client implicitly authorizes the payment processor to perform the automated collection in each period of said service. In case you want to cancel the service you must contact us to proceed with the cancellation with at least one week in advance.

If the payment system tries to charge a subscription, where the card entered for that subscription has expired or the bank does not approve the transaction, you will receive an email with the details and instructions to update the credit card on file in that subscription.

If you need to update the credit card in a subscription, you can contact us and we will give you the steps.

Each subscription is specifically to pay for the specific service for which the subscription was created. Updating the credit card of a subscription affects only that subscription. If you have more than one subscription and you need to update the payment method of all, you must do so in each subscription.

While the mechanism of keeping each subscription separately may be tedious, this is thought to be a security issue. We do not maintain or store sensitive information on our servers. Each transaction is made on the remote server of the processing company which has all the PCI security standards.

If you have any questions, please contact us so we can assist you.

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