How to access cPanel Spambox through webmail

¿What is SpamBox?
A system that delivers any emails identified as spam by SpamAssassin into a separate mail folder named "spam". The spam folder should be emptied regularly. This can be useful to save the mail that may have mistakenly been filtered.

To enable/disable Spam box for a single domain:

1. Login to cPanel of the domain.

2. Go to Mail >> Spam Filters

3. Then you can see the option to enable/disable Spam box.

You will not immediately see the spam folder in your email clients. For that, you have to import the folder using "Subscribe" option in the email clients.

Enabling "Subscribe" option in SquirrelMail Webmail:

*Login to the Webmail interface and choose SquirrelMail
* Click on "Folders"
* Select the folder and click "Subscribe"

"Subscribe" option in Horde Webmail:

* Login to the Webmail interface and choose Horde
* Click on "Mail" at the top
* Click on "Options" at the top
* Click the "Server and Folder Information" link in the first column
* Under "Spam folder:" select "Create a new Spam folder".
* Enter the name spam and click Ok.

"Subscribe" option in RoundCube Webmail:

* Login to the Webmail interface and choose RoundCube
* Click on "Personal Settings" at the top
* At the top, click on the "Folders" tab.
* Look to the bottom for "Create new folder" and in "Folder name:" type spam.
* Click the Create button.

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