When you use email forwarding to forward your emails it is very likely that they can be flagged as spam or be rejected by the destination mailserver.

Specially by free email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. For this reason we highly recommend do not use forwarders or if you use it work out the whitelisting on the destination servers.

The main problem is the messages (SPAM or not SPAM) can be marked as SPAM at any provider depending on the providers SPAM settings. This can be a problem and can end up having your email and also the complete server blocked by them if they receives large amounts of email that they consider SPAM.

One of the recommended options is to use POP3 or IMAP to check your emails instead to use the forwarder.

If you need forward the emails, then please take these precautions and steps.

- Log into the free service email panel. (For example Gmail)
- Look for a section that will allow marking of emails or provide actions.
- Choose Filter Message and then select the box to never mark these messages as spam.

Here are more detailed information from Gmail about how to check your emails through Gmail:


Here are information to do the same through Yahoo email:


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