Before to open a support ticket. Please check the following tips, the 99% of the time any or many of the following tips fix the problem:

- Make sure you have the default port 25 or the alternate port 26, 465 or 587 open in your computer firewall or router, try disabling your firewall and reseting your router.

- Make sure your ISP did not block the default port 25, as an alternate port you can use the 26, 465 or 587

- Make sure you have SMTP authentication enabled in your email program for the email account and your email client support STARTTLS or SSL/TLS authetntication.


If you have attempted to connect to our SMTP server many times with the wrong authentication credentials, probably our server has blocked your connection ip due to the many authentication failures. Contact us.

If none of the above tips fix your problem, please open a support ticket with the detailed error and information about the problem so we can assist you.

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