E-mail forwarding to the following service providers will no longer be permitted:

# aol.com
# qwest.net
# comcast.net
# verizon.net
# msn.com
# hotmail.com
# live.com
# yahoo.com
# att.net
# swbell.net
# sbcglobal.net
# prodigy.net
# snet.net
# bellsouth.net
# pacbell.net
# ameritech.net
# nvbell.net

To ensuring the delivery of emails from our customers to the above listed ISP's, we have been forced to block the email forwarders to these domains. Currently, these ISP's have extremely aggressive anti-spam systems. If any of our customers configure they email account hosted on our servers to forward they mails to any of the providers listed above and that provider detects a message as spam, they anti spam system believes that spam is originated in our server and they bllacklist our server ip.

Unfortunately, even though we are not responsible for this spam, these ISP's have blocked ou ip's repeatedly, causing legitimate email to be blocked. If you or your clients have email addresses forwarded to these ISP's, please remove that email forwarder and configure your email address as POP3 email account.

Also, please note that this change only impacts forwarders. You will still be able to send email to the above noted service providers. In fact, this change will actually make mail delivery to these service providers more reliable, since they will not be repeatedly blacklisting our servers.

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