Yes, all our shared hosting cPanel servers support SSL/TLS SMTP on port 465

To configure your email client to use SSL/TLS for SMTP please do the following:

1 -Login in your client area at

2- Then go to "Services" --> "My Services" section in the menu.

3- Click in the "View Details" button.

4- There you will see all the details about your hosting account.

5- The "Server" information there is the server hostname.

6- Copy the server information.

7- Open your email program and configure your email account.

8- Make sure you are using:

Email: "your email account" (
username: "your email account" (
password: "your email password"
SMTP outgoing server: "write here the server hostname as instructed above"
SMTP port: 465
SSL/TLS: Enabled
SMTP Authetication: Enabled

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