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What is SpamAssassin?
Is an automated mail filter that uses heuristic algorithms on mail headers and message body text to identify SPAM. When spam is identified, the mail is tagged for later filtering.


If you enable the SpamBox feature, this will cause all mail marked by SpamAssassin as spam to be delivered to the mail box 'spam'.

You can check messages using IMAP or your Webmail that are routed to this box.

If you wish to use POP3 to check the spambox, just add "/spam" to the end of your POP3 login in your email client.


This feature isn’t recommended in favor of sorting and deleting spam messages through your mail client. You can configure SpamAssassin to mark your email with an identifying subject Without Spam Box (e.g. ***SPAM***), which can be eventually filtered into a correct location.

If you want to delete all the mail in the spambox, click on '’Clear Spambox’’ in your control panel on the Spam Filters section.

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