Some options can be different from the ones you can see in your cPanel as we use a SpamAssassin Cluster in our cPanel Shared Hosting Services for a improved spam protection

SpamAssassin is a tool which filters spam messages that go in your mailbox, based on spam characteristics. You can find the tool in your control panel (cPanel).

Start using SpamAssassin



How to enable SpamAssassin?

Just click the button on this page:


How to set a score?


You can set a score based on which the tool will filter new messages. The score can be between 1 and 10. The higher the value you set, the fewer messages will be filtered and viceversa. If you are not familiar with spam scores, we recommend you to leave it at this value.



Also, you can set SpamAssassin to automatically delete messages that have the determined score.



IMPORTANT: Sometimes the tool might flag valid messages as spam. The auto delete option might delete some of those valid emails.You can also use SpamAssassin to block certain email addresses, to do that, type in a certain email address or all emails coming from a particular domain, by entering *




You can also whitelist emails, if you want them to pass the SpamAssassin.


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