SpamAssassin frequently asked questions

Here are some asked questions about SpamAssasin’s functionalities.

1.    How to access the filtered SPAM mailbox?
You must enable SpamBox in your cPanel first, in order to have access.

2.    Why does Webmail spam box hasn’t as many items as it had in the first couple of days?
SpamAssassin has AutoWhitelist and AutoBlacklist algorithms. Such algorithms work using a local database of entries. Each entry has a key formed by the address of the mail (From:,) and the IP address it originated at. It contains a TOTAL score of messages and a COUNT of messages.
The algorithm works this way:

1. Compute the SCORE of the message from RULES
2. Compute DELTA as (MEAN-SCORE)*auto_whitelist_factor
3. Increment historical TOTAL by SCORE
4. Increment historical COUNT by one
5. Set the final score SCORE+DELTA

3.    What to do if it filtered some items that weren’t spam?
You can use Whitelists for this or you can use cPanel 'User Level Filtering' and 'Account Level Filtering' features.

4.    Can I download the Spam filtered mail to Outlook before deleting it?
Use the IMAP protocol in your Outlook to be able to manage the spam folder.

5.    Can I allow email to pass through the filter rather than just block it?
SpamAssassin doesn’t bounce a message itself, but only adds header to the message. You can move marked messages with some specific spam status to one of your directories by configuring the Account filtering.

Also you can set the Whitelists in your cPanel for SpamAssasain so messages from those recipients won't be labeled as SPAM.
You can use text file in your homedir and put there your personalized rules where some regexp will add some score.

RBL is the only thing you can't control. If a sender is on any RBL, all messages will be marked with an error message in SMTP session.

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