Configuring SpamAssassin in cPanel

What is SpamAssassin?

A user-friendly email tool which examines incoming mail for different spam types. It uses various network tests and filtering to get an overall score in order to decide whether the mail should be considered as spam or not.

1- To enable SpamAssassin, follow this steps:

Log in to your cPanel and go to the Email section.
Click on Spam Filters menu:

Click on the enable button:

2. Filters

To remove the emails that meet the spam score set, the Spam Auto-Delete option will do it automatically. In order to set it, navigate to the SpamAssassin’s menu and find the filters widget:

•    You can set the required score in a drop-down menu.
•    To enable the filter, click on the Auto-Delete Spam button. To disable it, click on Disable Auto-Delete Spam:

3. Spam Box

If you enable the Spam Box button it’ll make Exim (the mail server) create a spam folder, which will collect incoming emails labeled as spam.

IMPORTANT: The spam folder may not be displayed by default when Spam Box is enabled. You’ll have to enable its display in the Webmail client settings.

You can delete the messages that Spam Box collected by clicking on the Clear Spam Box button:

4. Configurate SpamAssassin

Spam score
Each mail is checked and given a score by SpamAssassin (based on the spam type). Automatically, email messages with a score of 5 are considered as spam. Remember, it is possible to adjust the filter according to your needs.

0 - Every incoming mail will be marked as spam.
5 - Default score

IMPORTANT: the lower your score is, the more restrictive the filter will be.

Sometimes, some mails may be incorrectly detected as non-spam. If these messages come from the specific email senders, you can blacklist them.
To blacklist a sender, just enter it into one of the blacklist_from fields:

If SpamAssassin often blocks certain email senders (incorrectly), you can add the sender to whitelist.

To do so, just enter the sender into one of whitelist_from fields:

And you’ve got it!

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