Sometimes when making a payment there may be different errors and the rejection of the payment for different reasons. Most of the errors are very descriptive, for example "Payment is not authorized", etc. With which you can directly check with your bank or the issuing entity of your card.

Our 2CO payment platform has protection standards for both, the user and the merchant and applies different criteria and uses systems to prevent fraud or card misuse.

The 3D Secure system is a system designed to increase the security of online card transactions, verifying the identity of the customer before finalizing the purchase. 3D Secure works by redirecting buyers to a page provided by their bank where they must complete additional data, such as tokens or passwords to verify their identity and to be able to complete the payment. By using 3D Secure, we add an extra layer of payment security and prevent fraud.



Dynamic Secure 3D is based on the service offered by Visa and Mastercard which is an additional layer of security to authenticate card users in online transactions. 2Checkout (our payment processor) uses the 3D Secure system to increase transaction acceptance by country and as fraud protection.


3DS workflow

Based on specific filters and threshold settings, the payment processor activate and deactivate 3DS in real time on each transaction. This gives users a payment experience based on risk.

The filters that determine if it should be activated or not are:

- Card Issuing Country
- Billing Country
- IP Country
- Transaction Amount

The payment processor evaluates the risk in each case and, according to it, activates or not this protection.




The payment processor evaluates in each case and according to the risk applies this additional layer of protection.

This improves several aspects:

- Increase the Authorization Rate: tests show that 3DS increases exponentially the positive impact in certain countries.
- Fraud Risk Mitigation: using 3DS abruptly decreases the fraud rate.
- Few Chargebacks: Using 3D Secure can reduce the number of fraudulent chargebacks in situations of unrecognized charges or unauthorized charges.

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