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1- Login in your Client area at


client area login


client area login

2- If you have any unpaid invoice/s you will see it/them listed in the main page under the "Due Invoices" section just after you have logged in.


3- Select the invoice/s you wish to pay activating the checkbox/es you have in the listed invoice/s. Note: If you wish to pay all the existing invoices just click in the right side "Pay All" link in the same section, right next to the Total Due amount.

4- Then click the "Pay Selected" button.

5- It will load the invoice page. You can pay your invoice with Credit Card or PayPal. If the invoice has a service that support a subscription payment, this means, it will be created a subscription to have your service paid automatically every period, then you will see the "Create Automated Recurring Subscription" button which you can use to create a subscription for your service. If you do not wish to create a subscription then use the "Make One Off Payment" button to pay it once. Once you click any of the buttons you will be redirected to the payment processor page.

Note: If you alredy have an active subscription for the invoiced service you will see an alert about it and most probably you have to take no action as subscription will go through automatically.


6- At the payment processor page simply verify the amount is the correct one and click the "Continue to Billing Information" button.

7- Next, you will see all your information is already filled out in the form. Note this is the information you have in our Client Area for billing, if is not correct you can correct it in this form and proceed but also remember update it in your Client Area to make sure future billing information is accurate. Then click in the "Continue to Payment Method" button.

8- If you will pay with Credit Card, complete the CC information in the form and click the "Submit Payment" button. If you will pay with PayPal click on the "PayPal" tab and click the "Continue to Paypal" button, this will redirect your to the PayPal site so you can complete your payment.

Once the payment process is complete, our system will send you the payment receipt by e-mail. If you do not receive the e-mail please verify your spam filters and make sure it has not been delivered to any spam folder in your mailbox. You can also verify the invoice has been marked as "Paid" through your Client Area.

If you ever have any issue with payments, please do not try paying the invoice multiple times, contact us so we can assist you.

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