First, please note we do not charge your CC as we do not keep any CC or sensitive information in our servers. This is done for your and our security. So we are unable to charge your CC on our end. Every payment made through our system is done manually by the client when they login in the client area and make the invoice payment manually which means they are aware about what they are paying.

With subscriptions the scenario is the same, the first time you create a service subscription which will be charged automatically after that on every payment period is created by the client, logging in the client area and selecting the "Recurring" payment option, so the client agree and is aware about a subscription creation to pay the current invoice and future payments for that specific service. As any subscription system, the Credit/Debit Card processor will charge the client Credit/Debit Card on every period, the same amount and the same day until the client cancel the subscription.

Sometimes clients make duplicated payments of services that already have subscriptions, creating a duplicated payment or subscription for the same service. As we do not charge on our end, and any payment is done by the client manually we do not proceed to refund duplicated or by error payments back to the funding source like Credit/Debit Card or PayPal, instead our system automatically detect the duplicated payment and create a credit in our system which then is deducted from future invoices.

If you have a duplicated payment please contact us and we will make sure your account be credited in your client area and if there is any duplicated subscription we will stop it and take care of, it instructing you to avoid this situation.

Please before pay, make sure you are not creating a duplicated payment. If you do not remember if you have any subscription for a specific service which will be charged automatically, contact us before make any payment and we will assist you.

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