How should i proceed to cancel my hosting service?  Print this Article

1- Login in your Client area at


client area login


client area login

2- Go to the "Services" --> " My Services" option in the top menu.


3- Click in the "View Details" button in the service that you wish to cancel.


4- Go to the "Management Actions" ---> "Request Cancellation" option in the menu.


5- Select if you wish to cancel it immediately or at the end of the current period. Note, as stated in our Terms and Conditions,  we do not give any credit for unused time of service.


6- Please let us know your cancellation reason, this will help us to improve our services.


Note: If the hosting service has any linked domain name which is renewed for free as part of the hosting service this will be also canceled, if you wish keep your domain name registration, please let us know and we generate the invoice for that specific domain renewal.


Cancellation request must be submitted at least 5 days before the due date for shared and reseller hosting and at least 15 days before the due date for Dedicated Servers.

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