• Thursday, July 16, 2015
We are happy to announce that we have installed an Apache module (mod_lsapi) which offers an increased performance, low memory footprint coupled with more security for PHP.

This is enabled in the PHP versions selected through the PHP selector and is not available for the default (native) PHP.

To have this optimized PHP running in your account you have to select/change the PHP version from the PHP Selector in your cPanel, here is a HowTo:


How it works?
mod_lsapi is a part of Apache;
Apache passes handling for PHP request to mod_lsapi;
mod_lsapi uses liblsapi to transfers request lsphp daemon;
lsphp processes request and return data to mod_lsapi;
Each user has lsphp processes in separate CageFS/LVE;
If there is no requests for lsapi_backend_pgrp_max_idle seconds, lsphp process is terminated;
If no lsphp processes available when new request comes, new lsphp process is created;
lsphp can process lsapi_backend_children requests simultaneously.