Selecting your PHP version through cPanel  Print this Article

This option is available in all shared cPanel hosting accounts.


You can select which version of PHP and which php modules you wish to run in your account. This is great for developers testing new versions functions or to test your current scripts on new php versions.


1- Login in your cPanel

2- Go to the "Software" section in the panel and click in the "Select PHP Version" icon/link.


3- Then select the php version you wish to run in your account.


Note: Depending the PHP selected version you will be listed with the available modules for that PHP version, you can enable or disable the modules as you wish.



4- Then click in the "Ok" button to save your settings.


Note: The "native" php option in the list is the default cPanel version, if you are unfamiliar with PHP leave as is.

5- Once selected any of the versions listed there you will see the "Show PHP Settings" button. This let you modify many of the php.ini variables for your account. Simply click in the variable current status and you will be able to modify it. Then  "Apply" the changes.

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