If you are a web developer or a webmaster working on different hosting accounts or servers, each one on different datacenters or simply each one with a different time zone, you may have already experienced the timezone related problems in the web scripts.

This problem comes when you are over a shared hosting and have different web site that runs for different time zones than the server's one.
As you are over a shared hosting, the time zone in the server is set to a specific timezone, for example in our shared hosting servers is set to GMT0, so every call to PHP date() and/or time() function will allways return the server's time causing a mismatch with your website local time.

To workaround this situation, you can change your default date and time using a PHP function:

date_default_timezone_set ( $timezone_identifier )

For example for Los Angeles timezone:


Add this line in your web site PHP script where you are having the date/time issue, before executing/calling any date and/or time functions.

You can read more about this function at:


and see the timezones list at:


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