Announcements, messages and alerts policies

The communication with our customers is very important to us, for this reason we have different channels of communications depending the type of the message.

New features and promotional alerts: We will publish these messages in the Announcements section in our Client Area, in Twitter, Facebook and in our Newsletter so you have the option to subscribe/unsubscribe to receive the message or read it directly in our Client Area.

Server issues, outages, upgrades, etc.: As these are high priority messages and you may have a service affected, we will send an email to the affected users. Additionally we may publish it in our Announcements section and/or with an alert message in our client area.

Please note we will publish very interesting news, new features and promotions in our newsletter we do recommend you subscribe on it. By default our newsletter system add every client in the newsletter mailing list the first time, if you receive it and do not wish receive it again you can use the unsubscribe link in the newsletter. Please make sure you whitelist the email address in your spam system to avoid block it.

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