If you have manually installed an application like Wordpress, Joomla, etc in your hosting account and you can have the benefits to manage it using the Sotaculous Apps Manager, you can simply import your application details into Softaculous. This will then let you update, import, export and manage your application easily through Softaculous.


1- Login in you cPanel.

2- Click in the Softaculous Apps Installer icon.



3- Click in the Import Installations icon in the top menu.



4- The system will attempt to detect installations from other Auto Installers (this can happen if you have migrated your account from another hosting company where using another Apps Installer different than Softaculous). And also it will give you the option to scan and import Manual Installations.




Once the installations are imported into Softaculous you will see them listed and ready to be managed in the Sotaculous Apps Installer section in your cPanel.

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