How can i reset my cPanel password from the client area if i lost the information?  Print this Article


1- Login to your Client Area at


client area login


client area login

2- Go to "Services" --> "My Services" section from the top menu

3- In the listed hosting package click in the "View Details" button

4- Go to the "Change Password" option in the menu

5- There you will see the current cPanel username/password information (note this information can be wrong if you have previously updated the cPanel password from cPanel directly instead to do it from the Client Area)

6- Fill out a new password in the "New Password" field

7- Repeat the password in the "Confirm Password" field

8- Click the "Update" button

9- Now login as usual to your cPanel using the new password.

Note: Make sure to use strong passwords, keep in mind the cpanel access user/password is also the main FTP access user/password in your hosting account, using weak passwords is the 99% of the cause of hacked accounts.


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