By default, the email associated with cPanel is the one that you have used to create your cPanel account. If you have a Shared Hosting account it will use the email associated with your PlusPlusHosting account. However, you can change the cPanel contact email.
The contact email address of cPanel can be used to:

•    cPanel password reset requests
•    cPanel password change notifications
•    cPanel security notifications
•    SSL certificate’s expiration notifications
•    cPanel resources limit warnings
•    New cPanel logins notifications
•    Two-factor authentication settings

It’s also possible to have two contact email addresses for one cPanel at the same time if you want to.

We’ll give you the step-by-step on how to change the Contact Email address for cPanel.

1.    Log in to your cPanel.
2.    Locate the "Preferences" section on the lower side of your cPanel settings.
3.    Select "Contact Information" menu:

4.    The primary email address can be edited in the top row and a secondary email address can be added in the second row:

5.    This menu allows you to set the notification preferences:
6.    After editing, click the "Save" button:

And the cPanel contact email has been updated.

IMPORTANT: cPanel contact information changes are applied instantly.

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