Add a new domain to your hosting account

You can host more than one domain name in one hosting account without purchasing a new hosting account. (Only available in some hosting plans)

To add a new domain to your hosting account, you just need two basic steps
-Change the nameservers for the domain to our nameservers.
-Add your domain name to the server your account is hosted on.

If you want to use any third-party nameservers, contact our support team and we will assist you.

You’ll need to:

1. Change the nameservers

You will need to point your domain to our hosting nameservers
Guidelines on how to change nameservers for shared plans for domains which are registered at PlusPlusHosting can be found in this Knowledgebase.

If your domain is registered with a third-party, contact their support team and ask to change the nameservers for your domain to the ones provided in our welcome email.

Only the domains that are pointed to these nameservers can be added to your hosting account, if not, you will get the error message when adding an addon domain.

Some domain types cannot be added without changing the DNS first. If this happens, get in touch with our Hosting Support department for us to either manually add the domains for you or disable the server rule to make the adding possible on your side.

2. Add the new domain as an Addon

You can add the domain as an addon in your cPanel once the domain name is pointed to correct nameservers,.

1. Log into your cPanel.
2.Navigate to the Domains section > the Addon Domains menu:

3. Enter the needed information in the Create an Addon Domain section.

New Domain Name: The name you wish.

Make sure that there are no extra spaces before and after when adding an addon domain, this is the most common cause of ‘’That is not a valid domain’’ error.

Subdomain: This will fill automatically
Document Root: This will fill automatically

If you want to create FTP account for your domain, checkmark ‘’Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain’’ option.

FTP Username: This will fill automatically
Password: Your password for the associated FTP account
Password (Again): Re-enter your password

4. Click on Add domain.

Now you can upload content for your new domain into the corresponding document root.

If you want to create an email account for your new domain, please go to the Add/Remove email accounts section in your cPanel.

Remove an addon domain

To remove an addon domain, go to the Addon domains menu > Modify Addon Domain and click on Remove to proceed:

Check the Delete the associated FTP account option if you’re going to delete the FTP account for your addon domain from the FTP Accounts menu in your cPanel and click Remove:

IMPORTANT: The document root and the content associated with the removed addon domain will still be present in your File Manager. If you want to delete them too, you will have to remove the corresponding folder from File Manager manually.

And… You’re done!

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