AutoSSL keep your domains secured with an SSL for Free.
AutoSSL is a cPanel feature which automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates on your domains and subdomains for the Web server and Dovecot (mail server) services. This system not only install an SSL certificate powered by Comodo automatically in all your domains but also keep renewed them automatically. So basically all your domains are always secured by an SSL certificate.


Domain and rate limits

The AutoSSL feature includes the following limitations and conditions:

  • It can secure a maximum of 200 domains per virtual host.
  • It will only include domains and subdomains that pass a Domain Control Validation (DCV) test, which proves ownership of the domain.
  • It will not attempt to replace pre-existing valid certificates that expire in more than three days.
  • It will replace certificates with overly-weak security settings (for example, RSA modulus of 512-bit or less).
  • It includes corresponding www. domains for each domain and subdomain in the certificate, and those www. domains count towards any domain or rate limits.

For example, if your domain is, AutoSSL will automatically include in the certificate.
If the corresponding www. domain does not pass a DCV test, AutoSSL will not attempt to secure that www. domain.

  • It does not secure proxy subdomains or wildcard domains.
  • If a virtual host contains more than the limit of domain names, AutoSSL uses the following conditions to determine the priority of domains to secure:
  1. Whether the domains are currently secured.
  2. Shortest domain name length.
  3. Domain name alphabetical order.
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