Wordpress plugin for LSCache management

If you have a Wordpress or Woocommerce site and you have enabled LSCache in your hosting account, you can manage the cache settings easily with the LSCWP Wordpress plugin.

To install the plugin in your Wordpress please follow the instructions below:

1- Download the LSCWP plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory page.
2- Log in to your WordPress Dashboard, navigate to "Plugins", and click on "Add New" → "Upload Plugin".
3- Select the LSCWP zip file and click "Install Now".
4- Enable the plugin by navigating to Plugins » LiteSpeed Cache » Settings and checking the box for Enable LiteSpeed Cache.

NOTE: For WooCommerce caching, it uses extra logic to handle the special cases for WooCommerce by default, without the need for any additional plugins or configuration. The WordPress plugin caches everything WooCommerce determines to be cacheable, which makes a separate WooCommerce caching plugin unnecessary.
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