My cPanel hosting account is acting strange

Sometimes clients contact us with many of these different problems in the hosting account:

- When login in cPanel they are logged out almost immediately
- Changing the cPanel or any email password is not being changed
- In the Add/Remove emails sections there are no listed email addresses when they are sure they have existing email addresses
- When uploading a file through FTP is not listing the file in the server
- They are receiving odd errors about the temporary files in the server
- Using scripts like Wordpress or any other script is acting strange when they upload or login in the admin section
- People sending them emails are not being received

All these problem are caused most of the time when you have reached your hosting package space limit, so once your account do not have more space it will start act strange. For this reason you have to keep up to date a contact email address, preferably not based in the hosted domain, in cPanel as instructed in the "Keep your cpanel contact email up to date" tutorial. So you can receive early alerts when you are reaching your space limit so you can take action, or either deleting unused files and emails to save space or upgrading to the next hosting plan with more space.

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