Why the bandwidth usage in in cPanel and the stats programs do not match?

Sometimes clients contact us to ask why the bandwidth in the cPanel Bandwidth Usage section do not match with the bandwidth showing in the different stats programs.

This usually happens with the HTTP traffic. Apache calculate the HTTP traffic based in the calls to the file so for example lets say you have some 250Mb video files that many visitors try to watch.

With the videos being over 200Mb, there's no way that the videos are being completely downloaded, but since the calls to the file took place, the bandwidth was recorded to the Apache logs as having been downloaded many times.

As this is what the stats software programs use to generate the stats, the numbers are being inflated.  The bandwidth values in cPanel are detected and recorded differently, and represent the actual traffic, not what Apache reports.

To see your real bandwidth usage please check the cPanel Bandwidth Usage section.

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