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16 Feb 2019

We are making some improvements on our communication channel for good customer experience. From now we will use the following ways. - Announcements: this include messages about changes in our services, important updates, etc. You will receive by email the announcement message and you will be able to read it in the Announcements section in our Client Area. - Popup up and alert messages...

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19 Oct 2017

We are proud to announce we have updated our LiteSpeed web server version to the last one in our cPanel shared hosting servers, this will not only help us to stay up to date with security and stability patches but also with this new version we start supporting QUIC protocol, if you are not aware what is QUIC...and probably you are not unless you are an IT or a bit techy, Quic is the next...

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3 Jul 2017

.NET, .BIZ and .WS domains registries have increased they price, this raised the domains registration, renewal and transfer prices fo those domains as following: .NET $14.95/yr .BIZ $16.95/yr .WS $34.95/yr

7 Mar 2017

We are very happy to announce the following network changes in the datacenter which will increase even more the quality of service and the network capacity. This maintain us on the top of the high quality providers with 100% uptime SLA on network and power. - Bring optical amplifiers online to increase the capacity of the dark fiber ring. - Adding new Juniper line cards in the border routers...

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20 Jan 2017

VeriSign, the Registry Operator for the .NET domain, will be increasing its annual registration price. As a result of this notification, we will be adjusting pricing for this domain name extension on Jan 31st. The purpose of this notice is to inform you of the upcoming price increase and give you advance notice should you want to renew any names ahead of the price changes. The new .Net domains...

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29 Nov 2016

Get your .com and .net for only $5.95 -->

1 Sep 2016

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15 Jul 2016

PIR the .ORG registry is increasing its cost price to each ICANN registrar, the new .ORG domains price registration will be $14.50. This will be effective on 31st July 2016 Take the advantage now and renew your domain today and save!

15 Jun 2016

As we have announced some weeks before we have completed the upgrade to cPanel version 56 in our  Shared hosting servers. You can read more about the changes and new features at