Credit card automatic payments available and more

We are glad to announce many changes we made in our client area, this includes many changes,improvements and bug fixes, we have posted the highlighted ones below.

1- We now have a recurring payment option with Credit card !

From now you can create subscriptions to pay your services with your credit card and directly at our secure payment processor gateway, avoiding store any sensitive information in our system. Once you have created the subscription for the service the payment processor will charge your Credit Card every payment period automatically and will mark your invoice as paid. This was asked many times for a lot of clients but as on most of the systems this option is available only storing the Credit Card information in our server, we dont wanted take such risk with our client's information, for this reason we wanted wait and have a better option like the one we are offering now.

2- New order process/cart.

We are using a new design and cart which will help you to see all your items in order and with the total and details all the time in the screen for a better organization. Increase considerably the user order process experience.

3- DNS, email forwarding and nameservers registration management.

From now your registered domains DNS, email forwarding management and the nameservers registration can be done directly trough your client area. Please note the domain should be pointing to the registrar nameservers to work, if you have your domain hosted with us or pointing to any other hosting provider most probably you don't need this option. But if you have your domain registered with us and using these services which come for free with our domain registration service will give you more freedom to manage those options by yourself.

4- Search and sorting options.

In the "My Domains" and "My Services" section in your client area now you have a search box and also you can sort the list of services and domains, this will help you to find your services and domains easily, very useful for clients who have a large list of domains and services with us.

5- Funding option.

From now in your client area left side menu, you will see an option called "Add Funds". This option can be used to fund your account with money in case you wish the generated invoices are paid automatically and immediately after has been generated.
Also is used in case you are on vacations or traveling and wish to have your account in good standing.
Please note, as long as you have a positive balance in the account the system will deduct every generated invoice from this balance, special care with domain names renewals in case you do not renew. You can manage this situation with the "Don not renew" option in the My Domains --> Details section on each domain if the domain renewal invoice has not been generated yet.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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