Updated information about the PHP 5.x version removal from our shared hosting servers

As we have previously announced, in the month of June the PHP 5.x version will be removed from our system.

We have seen that many customers are still using this version and have not yet changed to a newer version. Most of clients simply because they have not done the test to change it and see if it works. For that reason we will proceed to extend the removal of version 5.x as follows:

- June: accounts that use PHP 5.3 will be changed to PHP 5.6

- July: accounts that use PHP 5.6 will be changed to PHP 7.2 (with the option to revert to PHP 5.6)

- November: PHP 5.x versions will be completely removed

We recommend that you take advantage of these changes and directly use the version of PHP 7.2 for your projects / scripts.

To read more about how to select your PHP version please check at https://secure.plusplushosting.net/knowledgebase/1090/Selecting-your-PHP-version-through-cPanel.html

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

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