Removing support for PHP 5.x since June

A you know we are always committed with the high quality and the security in our services. At this time we are announcing we will remove the old PHP 5.x versions from the availability in our cPanel Shared Hosting servers starting June 2019.

PHP 5.x was unsupported many years before. The one we have in our servers are the secure versions patched by Cloudlinux privately. Even that we are running secured and patched old versions, the issue generally is not the php itself but the script developed for those versions, they have security holes, badly coded sometimes and are a high risk for shared hosting environment.

¿Can i switch to a new PHP version?
Yes, this option is already available in your cPanel  --> Select PHP Version section. You can see the step by step article from our Knowledgebase at

¿Will my script work with any of the new versions?
This is something you have to check. Most of the popular open source scripts like Wordpress, Joomla, etc. are already working with those new versions. You can simply switch the PHP version as described above and test. And of course make sure to have the last version of the script. For example if you are running an old version of Joomla or Wordpress most probably will not work, you have to update to the last Joomla, Wordpress, etc. version first.

If you have a custom coded script you may have to check this with your developer.

¿My script is not working with the latest versions of PHP, can you fix it?
Keep in mind our hosting service support is limited to maintain and keep the servers safe and updated, we keep all the "backstage" of the servers updated and give you a safe and state-of-the-art environment and technology but in the hosting support is not included fix codes in your installed scripts to make them working with the new technology, you can contact us if you need the additional support and is discussed and quoted specifically for each case. If you have any third party scripts like Wordpress, Magento, etc. each one have its own support channel (forums)....most of the time if you update to the last version of the script you will have no issues....most of them already support the latest PHP versions.

Monday, April 15, 2019

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