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Imunify360 complete security system included in our cPanel Shared Hosting servers

We are very happy to announce that we have included one more security layer in our cPanel Shared Hosting Servers, adding the Imunify360 technology. This is for FREE in our Shared Hosting Plans.Imunify360 is a security solution for Linux web servers based on machine learning technology which utilizes a multi-layer approach to provide total ... Read More »


Start building your site with Weebly site builder for free

We are happy to announce that we have incorporated the Weebly website builder option into our cPanel Shared Hosting plans, which allows you to easily build a website with the ease of dragging and dropping elements, with countless options including eCommerce and transactions online.The base version is included for FREE and you can try it out by ... Read More »


New domains extensions to expand your options

We are happy to announce that we have included literally more than 100 new domains extensions options you can use to expand and better expose your businesses and projects.We are also running promotional prices for a lot of them. You can see all the extensions in your client area domains registration section ... Read More »


Symantec Certificate Discontinuation April 2020

In April 2020, DigiCert is discontinuing the sale of Symantec branded SSL Certificates. New DigiCert SSL Certificates have been launched that are a direct replacement for the previous Symantec SSL Certificates.As a result, soon we will update our Symantec SSL Certificates with the new brand, all Symantec Certificates will be replaced with their ... Read More »


Holding the fort during the COVID-19

The pandemic has thrown a lot of uncertainty into our lives. We wanted to reach out and confirm our commitment to you, our customer, during this time. You can be assured that we have taken every precaution to protect us, such as work from home, vigorous cleaning regiments and a focus on health and wellbeing.We are taking these precautions so that ... Read More »


Client Area system update over this weekend

Over this weekend we will proceed to update our Client Area system and modules. During the update process you may experience inconsistencies when you attempt to login in the Client Area.

Please note this DOES NOT affect your hosting services.

Thank you in advance for your patience.


Http/3 + Quic is now supported in our cPanel shared hosting servers

We are happy to announce we are now supporting HTTP/3 + QUIC in all our cPanel shared hosting servers.

You can read more about this in our Blog post HERE.


Version 7.4 of PHP is now available in our cPanel Hosting

The last PHP 7.4 version is now available in all our cPanel Shared Hosting accounts.

As always you can use the "Select PHP Version" option in your cPanel to select the PHP version running in your account.


New datacenter to expand our high quality services

If you have been our client for a long time, you probably know that we are very detailed and demanding with our services and quality is always first on the list.These last months we were working hard on increasing even more our Quality of Service (yes, there are always more quality to increase) and we are happy and excited to say we have made ... Read More »


PHP 5.x versions removal effective February 2020 on shared hosting servers

As we have previously announced, and extended the task many times over 2019, we will proceed to remove PHP 5.x versions from our shared hosting servers.Beginning February 2020 the default PHP version in all our shared hosting servers will be PHP 7.2Any account using 5.x PHP versions will be switched to 7.2If you have any old or custom scripts you ... Read More »

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