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6 Mar 2020

Over this weekend we will proceed to update our Client Area system and modules. During the update process you may experience inconsistencies when you attempt to login in the Client Area. Please note this DOES NOT affect your hosting services. Thank you in advance for your patience.

10 Feb 2020

We are happy to announce we are now supporting HTTP/3 + QUIC in all our cPanel shared hosting servers. You can read more about this in our Blog post HERE .

4 Feb 2020

The last PHP 7.4 version is now available in all our cPanel Shared Hosting accounts. As always you can use the " Select PHP Version " option in your cPanel to select the PHP version running in your account.

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28 Jan 2020

If you have been our client for a long time, you probably know that we are very detailed and demanding with our services and quality is always first on the list. These last months we were working hard on increasing even more our Quality of Service (yes, there are always more quality to increase) and we are happy and excited to say we have made another step towards perfect service. We have...

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19 Jan 2020

As we have previously announced, and extended the task many times over 2019, we will proceed to remove PHP 5.x versions from our shared hosting servers. Beginning February 2020 the default PHP version in all our shared hosting servers will be PHP 7.2 Any account using 5.x PHP versions will be switched to 7.2 If you have any old or custom scripts you may check with your developer or...

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14 Nov 2019

cPanel has recently announced a complete overhaul to the way they structure their licensing costs. From now, cPanel licenses will be billed based on number of accounts rather than a flat rate for the license. An explanation and FAQ on these changes from cPanel can be found here: The new pricing structure is outlined below: Cloud Servers: cPanel...

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24 Aug 2019

Our Python selector is now updated with many more advantages and features. This is now available in all our Shared Hosting Enterprise plans. - Environment variables: Now, you can configure the environment variables that are available in the application. You can set them when creating an application, or modify them later (don’t forget to restart the application). In the old Python Selector,...

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30 Jul 2019

We are happy to announce a new feature requested by many of our clients are now avaiable for a better payment and subscription management. Independently of our Client Area, our customers now are able to access to our payment processor ( system to manage subscriptions, update the CC or payment information and view every transaction securely. We are yet in the process to create the...

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25 Jul 2019

We are happy to announce that now we are supporting Python and Ruby in our Enterprise cPanel shared hosting plan. From now our Enterprise clients will be able to deploy they Python and Ruby apps. These features have some advantages: - Select the specific version of Ruby and Python you need. - Supports Ruby versions 1.8, 1.9, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5 and 2.6 - Supports Python...

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28 Jun 2019

We are constantly working to ensure that your website is protected to the fullest. When a new security vulnerability is discovered, we’ll spring into action and attempt to remedy the problem as quickly as possible. After all, we wholeheartedly understand how incredibly important your website is to you. Just recently, a lot of people have been worried about the TCP SACK Panic. The flaw impacts...

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