Internationalised (IDN) Domain Names work by encoding the domain name using a system called Punycode.

If you are looking to register an internationalised (IDN) domain and add it as an Alias (parked) or Addon domain in your cPanel hosting account, you have to simply convert the domain using the Punycode converter tool.

Simply go to and fill out your internationalised domain name and convert it, then copy the Punycode encoded version and add it as Alias (parked) or Addon domain in your cPanel as you do with any other domain name.

Remember, before proceed, make sure the domain is using our services nameservers and is already resolving to the server. If you do not do this our server will not let you add the domain.

Then when someone type the IDN domain into a web browser, it will be converted into Punycode and will be resolved to that domain name.

Remember we register internationalised (IDN) domain names, if you are interested simply contact us.

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