The WebShiled system uses reCAPTCHA to determine if a user is a real person or not.

The reCAPTCHA is the next generation of CAPTCHA, a feature intended to distinguish human from machine input and protect websites from the spam and different types of automated abuse.

With the invisible reCAPTCHA enabled, a human user is not required to go through human confirmation - the process will pass under the hood and a user will be redirected to the website. In case if invisible reCAPTCHA failed to detect if a user is a human or not, then visible reCAPTCHA appears.



The CAPTCHA is always on guard of the websites and checks the activity of each IP. With the help of reCAPTCHA it blocks bots and protects websites from spam and abuse.

If a user of a website is added to the Grey List (the access is blocked), then the reCAPTCHA allows him to unblock himself. When he tries to get to the website he is redirected to the reCaptcha Server, where he can see the protection page asking to confirm that he is not a robot by ticking a checkbox.

If successful, a user is redirected to the website, which means that the access is unblocked and the IP address of this user is removed from the Grey List.

The reCaptcha supports localization. Depending on user’s browser settings, reCaptcha will use the browser default language and allow to change it if needed.

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