SiteLock VPN protects you each time you use public Wi-Fi, access personal and work accounts on the road, or just when you want to keep your browsing history to yourself.

- It hide your IP address: With IPLock, you’re assigned a new IP address at random, every time, and you can appear as if you are coming from anywhere in the world.
- It protect you against DNS leak: DNS leak protection provides an extra layer of privacy by securing your initial connection to a website, preventing the leakage of valuable information. 
- It protect your online identity
- It hide your activity logs to track browsing: will not track or store your browsing history or reveal what data you’re sending.
- It secure your bank transactions
- It use military-grade encryption
- It Keep you safe on public Wi-Fi networks


Stream and browse without limitations.

From video streaming to social networks, our VPN works anywhere and allows you to access the sites and apps you love. Plus fast speeds for easy browsing and no more buffering or long waits.

- Access blocked websites
- Watch streaming services anywhere
- Bypass local internet censorship
- Play region-locked games
- Get better deals online
- Stay private and anonymous

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