How to activate CloudFlare in my domain?

We have partnered with CloudFlare to offer the Cloudflare services to all our Web hosting customers. The basic services are FREE and work for most of the websites.

Once you activate CloudFlare in your domain, your website will become part of the CloudFlare network and your website traffic will be routed through the CloudFlare's global network. CloudFlare will automatically deliver your web pages by caching the content and spread it geographically through all the CloudFlare's datacenters.

Once CloudFlare handle the traffic, it will be filtered out against unwanted requests, like spiders, bots or malicious activity. This will increase your web site performance, the speed and will save you resources.

CloudFlare can be managed easily directly through your hosting panel with us.

1- Login in your cPanel and click in the CloudFlare icon.

2- If is the first time you are enabling CloudFlare, it will ask you to signup creating a user and password. If you already signed up before, then simply use your CloudFlare credentials to login.

3- To signup, simply fill out your email and a password, and tick the checkbox to accept the CloudFlare's Terms and Conditions. Then click in the Signup button.

4- The system will create your CloudFlare account and link to it. You can manage your CloudFlare account directly through your hosting account cPanel or directly at the CloudFlare site using the credentials you have created in the previous step.

5- Click in the Domains icon and select the domain where you wish to activate CloudFlare. Once selected click in the "Provision domain with CNAME setup" button. Once the CloudFlare system is active in your domain you will see the Active status .

6- Also you will see the cloud icon in orange (which means active) for your domain name entries.

7- If you wish to activate any other subdomain entry to go through the CloudFlare network, simply click in the grey cloud icon for that subdomain.
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