Can I transfer a domain from another registrar to

Yes. The transfer is FREE but we will charge you for one year registration extension which will be added over your current term.
If you are paying a high rate or have registered a domain name with another registrar such as Network Solution you do not have to renew with them.
You can transfer at anytime and not loose any of your current registration term with

Make sure:

1- The domain is not  expired. Expired domains can't be transferred between registrars. You have to renew them in your current registrar and transfer it later.

2- The domain is 60 days old from the registration. If you have registered this domain recently you have to wait at least 60 days to transfer it to another registrar.

3- The domain registrant and administrative contact email addresses are correct and accurate.

4- You have the correct EPP (authorization code) from the current registrar and you have filled out in our order form in the transfer process.

5- The domain is not in "Locked" status at the current registrar. Unlock it before initiate the transfer process with us.

6- The domain do not have a Privacy Protection service activated which do not show your real information through the Whois query. If you have any privacy protection service in your current registrar, please disable it before initiate the transfer process.

Transfer problems: xyz has not yet responded to the admin approval request to transfer the domain (your domain The most common reason for this is that the admin contact's email address is outdated at their current registrar.
Please ensure that your current registrar has a valid, current email address for the registrant and admin contact. In the transfer process both registrars send an approval email to the owner contact to complete the domain transfer.

Make sure to complete or check the above steps before initiate your domain transfer process. Otherwise the domain transfer may fail.

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