Note: This feature is available for almost all the domain names registered with us. If you do not see this option in your client area that means your domain does not support it or the feature is disabled. Please contact our support to check the feature availability.

To manage the Domain Forwarding service you must have the domain pointing to our registrar default DNS.

Warning: If you have a hosted service with us, any change made in the DNS on the domain may affect your services functioning. If you do not have the experience to manage DNS zones we highly recommend do not make changes in the DNS. Any change in the domain DNS is at your own risk and responsibility.


1- Login into your Client Area at


client area login


client area login


2- Go to the Domains --> My Domains section in the menu.



3- Click in the 3 dots icon and then in the Manage Domain link.



4- Click in the Manage Domain Forwarding link.



5- Click in the "Activate Domain Forwarding" button.



6- If you are not using the correct nameserver to use this service, the system will show you an alert and a link to click to automatically update to the correct nameservers in the domain to activate this service. Click in the link and will show you the details.



7- If needed click in the "Change Name Servers Automatically for me" button to have the domain nameservers updated automatically so you can use the Domain Forwarding service. If you wish to make the DNS changes manually, a list of the DNS records will be displayed below, you can use them to make the DNS records changes manually.

Note: this change will point your domain to the registrar nameservers. If you have this domain pointing to another nameservers where you have services, those will stop functioning. Do this at your own risk and responsibility. Once you have changed the nameservers it can take up to 24 hrs for the propagation.



8- In the next screen you can add/manage your Domain Forwarding options. Each field is clearly explained. Simply fill out the destination URL, enable or disable the other optional features and click in the "Save Changes" button.


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