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15 Mar 2019

Some weeks before we have received many support tickets from clients telling us they are having scripts alerting about the PHP version is outdated. As we provide multiple PHP versions which you can manage/select from your cPanel we noticed not all our clients are aware of this powerful option. Just in case we are placing this message so if you are having the same situation you can manage the...

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10 Mar 2019

We will be working in our shared hosting cPanel servers to upgrade them to the version 78. This version comes with significant usability and user experience improvements. Some of them are: - Email Deliverability: replacing the cPanel Email Authentication interface with the new Email Deliverability Interface, which highlights and offers resolutions for common problems with email...

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8 Mar 2019

For the past 20 years, Comodo CA has provided digital identity solutions to both enterprises and small businesses, issuing more than 100 million SSL certificates across 200 countries. Now, Comodo CA has rebranded as Sectigo. By rebranding, Sectigo is establishing itself as a separate entity from its predecessor, the Comodo Group, and emphasizing its expansion beyond SSL. The change marks a...

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