• Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Verisign has announced it will increase the cost of the .com and .net domains from early 2012.

Unfortunately this not only affects us but to all the registrars in the world cause Verisign has the .com and .net control.

Our position is, as always, try to minimize these changes so we will increase the minimum percentage possible, absorbing the increase percentage in our transaction processing and administrative fees.

Therefore from 2012 the .com and the .net domains will cost $ 11.20 a year, from the actual $ 10.59. With this increase of only $ 0.61 we continue being in the top of the list of domain providers with the best price and value added services. Keep in mind the price includes the Privacy Protection service which is offered by others registrar for an additional $8 - $14 and is included for FREE in our domains registration service.

How you can save even more? Renew your domain names now as for many years as you can.