• Saturday, January 15, 2011

As you know we are continuously improving our services and adding more features for our appreciated clients.
This time we are happy to announce we have replaced the Fantastico scripts installer with the Softaculous installer in all our cpanel Shared hosting and Reseller servers. Below you can see the advantages of Softaculous over Fantastico.

- More than 170!! scripts and also frameworks you can install in One step. Softaculous not only install scripts like joomla, wordpress, etc but also install frameworks, very useful for developers.
- More frequently scripts updates. The Softaculous developers are quick with the scripts updates or security patches.
- You can import your current scripts installed by Fantastico to Softaculous! so you can continue updating and maintaining them using Softaculous.
- You can see a list of Features of each script.
- You can see a demo of each script. Test it and play with it before install it.
- You can rate each script.
- You can add comments about each script, so other users can read the advantages and disadvantages of each script.

Please note, Softaculous as Fantastico help you install automatically the listed scripts, we or Softaculous developers do not provide support for each script. Each script have have a support forum where you have to go for support from the scripts developers. Obviously if the problem is with the installation process itself done by Softaculous we are here to help you.

If you were using Fantastico to install your scripts we highly recommend import it to softaculous, this is done just going to your Softaculous area in your cpanel and using the Synchronize link in the top/right menu. We recommend you make a backup of your installation before proceed just in case something go wrong.
At some point Fantastico will be fully removed from our cpanel servers.

What are you waiting for! Just login in your cPanel --> Softaculous section and play with it!

Any question feel free to contact us through your Client Area.

More news and features are coming soon!