• Wednesday, April 7, 2010

We have updated the Client Area system and many new and great features asked many times by our clients has been added, here are some of the highlighted features:

Sub-Accounts for Clients - which enables clients to create additional users with specific configurable permissions to access a single master parent account.

Mass Invoice Payments - the client area due invoices list has been improved to show the balance remaining for each invoice, and allow for a single payment to be made towards multiple due invoices in a single transaction.

Multi-Language Support for Announcements & Knowledgebase - announcements and knowledgebase categories/articles can now be defined in each of the active languages in the system. Users browsing will then see the version for their selected language.

Multiple Domain Renewals - when logged in, clients will now see a new cart group section called domain renewals which allows them to order renewals for one or more of their domains at any time, in one single order.

Client Area Ticket Search - added the ability for clients to enter a ticket number in the support search to jump straight to it.

Knowledgebase - will now suggest other articles that might be of interest from the same category in an "Also Read" section and display breadcrumb of categories leading to articles.

Product/Service Upgrade Process - warning message when trying to upgrade with existing open invoices clarified to provide more explanation and advise what the user needs to do to continue more clearly.

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