• Thursday, September 16, 2021

We are updating the version of our AI based security system Imunify360 in all our cPanel Premium Hosting servers to the latest one including a new great feature.

This feature allows to block malicious file uploads via cPanel File Manager as well as prevents content modification leading to malware injections.

This is an additional enhancement to the PHP and FTP file upload scan and protection already available in this total protection system.

The statistics on infection vectors clearly shows that attackers quite often upload malware via the cPanel interface. Imunify360 developers came up with a revolutionary approach that will control malicious file upload and prevent infection.

Using cPanel hooks Imunify360 blocks malicious actions made in cPanel File Manager. Each time when a potential attacker uploads files Imunify360 will initiate a scan before the file will be saved to actual location. The type of operations it processes are: edits and saves. All malicious actions registered by cPanel upload scanner are available for viewing in the list of incidents in the cPanel Imunify360 section.