• Tuesday, September 29, 2020

We continue to add more security features to our Premium cPanel Web Hosting plans.

A new component in our comprehensive malware and online threats protection system now protects your website from not only known threats but also unknown threats with the Imunify360 Artificial Intelligence foundation system.

PHP Immunity is a revolutionary approach to preventing malicious PHP code execution based on detected malicious activity. Essentially, it’s an automated Proactive Defense rules generator working at runtime, that uses data collected from the Blamer.

PHP Immunity dynamically enhances Proactive Defense, stopping malware executions, "zero-day" malware, and even brand new malware.

With PHP Immunity, there’s no  need to wait until Proactive Defense rules are updated by the Analytics Team. Proactive Defense releases the rules safely and instantly on its own, based on the detected flaws and malware.

Thank you for your continued support!