• Saturday, August 24, 2019

Our Python selector is now updated with many more advantages and features. This is now available in all our Shared Hosting Enterprise plans.

- Environment variables: Now, you can configure the environment variables that are available in the application. You can set them when creating an application, or modify them later (don’t forget to restart the application). In the old Python Selector, you could configure them only with workarounds.

- The ability to start/stop applications: Now, you can not only restart your applications, but you can also start/stop them at any time (e.g. for debugging or maintenance). Previously, you could do that only with workarounds.

- Config files UI management: Now, you can configure a set of “config files” for your application and edit them directly from the UI. This avoids re-uploading files every time you need to change something temporarily (e.g. “Requirements” files or debug/logging mode etc.).

- Dependency management: Dependency management for applications now follows best practice with “requirements files”. See these links for more details about what they are and why they are needed:


Instead of managing modules individually, as before, you can now install all required modules for an application by specifying the proper requirements files and triggering an installation action via the UI.

Thank you for your support, we continue improving our services.