• Tuesday, July 30, 2019

We are happy to announce a new feature requested by many of our clients are now avaiable for a better payment and subscription management.

Independently of our Client Area, our customers now are able to access to our payment processor (2CO.com) system to manage subscriptions, update the CC or payment information and view every transaction securely.

We are yet in the process to create the articles with more information in our KnowledgeBase but here are some useful information so you can start using it.

2Checkout myAccount enables customers to add new credit/debit cards to their accounts, as well as update and manage their payment information on demand.

With myAccount you can:
- View order details and keep track of your online orders status.
- Gain instant access to your online shopping history
- Manage your subscription payments

Credit/debit card management functionality can be used only for active, ongoing subscriptions, or those that are in the grace period, i.e. past their renewal deadline, but not expired.

To access 2checkout myAccount, please first create an account at https://secure.2co.com/myaccount/ using the same email address you have used in our Client Area.

We will soon update our KnowledgeBase with more detailed information.