We have streamlined and automated the SSL installation in cPanel shared hosting accounts

We are pleased to announce that we have automated the process of purchasing, generating and installing the SSL Certificates in the cPanel web hosting accounts.

This not only automates the process by making it faster and free of human errors, it also reduces costs for our customers. In the cases of installation in the main domains of hosting accounts, the installation value is free (not the certificate).

In special cases, such as installation in Addon domains, special configurations or external certificates, where human intervention is required, the installation value is still $10

With this you no longer have any excuses to leave your website unprotected. Encrypt your information today, give security to your visitors and buyers and increase the positioning of your site in search engines.

You have SSL certificates starting from $ 19.95 valid for one year. You can see all available options and protect your information today from https://secure.plusplushosting.net/store/ssl-certificates

Saturday, May 25, 2019

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