SiteLock Lite for free to start blocking those hackers and malware from your web site

We are happy to announce that we have included the SiteLock security Service family in our products. This is one more layer of security if you are running any website, specially Wordpress or other scripts usually targeted by malware and hackers.

From now you will be able to be alerted and also have the vulnerability removed and your site fixed using a SiteLock service.

Starting from the Lite plan which is completely FREE your site will be scanned.

To enable SiteLock Lite Free in your hosting account simply Login in your Client Area and you will see the SiteLock Lite offering in the dashboard, follow the steps and you will have your SiteLock Lite activated.

If you are in need for more features and a stronger security you can upgrade anytime from the same Client Area to the next plan.

We have also the Emergency plan which is a one time fee to fix and recover your site in a hacking event.

You can read more about all the advantages to have the different SiteLock Products for your domain at

You can also read the SiteLock articles in our Knowledge Base for more details.

Do not leave your business adrift! Act now!

Monday, May 20, 2019

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